Cliff is the Summum of experiential architecture in southern Europe

Located in Sotogrande with privileged views of the Mediterranean, Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of Africa

On a plot of 8,032 sqm steeply struggling to reach the top of an entire rock mass, a project with a constructed area of 2078.24 sqm
with heights of 8 meters playing with the landscape and surroundings through interior gardens.

The place on which the Project is based is an extensive plot of almost one hectare of markedly rocky nature and with ascending topography.

Located in the highest part of La Reserva de Sotogrande, the Project presented the challenge of admiring the unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea and, at the same time, protecting living spaces from strong winds from the east.

An elongated and staggered building with assembled volumes and strong horizontal planes is proposed.

The building is arranged occupying a large part of the upper area of ​​the plot, releasing high-rise spaces on one floor. The main habitable room is arranged as a large double-height box open on one side to the views and on the other to a large rear garden in which to take refuge on strong days.

The materiality of the project is achieved through sandblasted gray travertine walls and foundations that support light horizontal planes in white stucco. A series of patios like glass boxes pierce the horizontal planes to create a symbiosis between interior and exterior, landscape and built form.

It´s a villa prepared to live and enjoy a life experience that only some can enjoy.


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