Management by ARK Architects

We are one of top architecture firms in Spain thanks to our service of property management in Costa del sol. We also take care of the paperwork required to obtain the necessary licenses for the site like: Building Licenses, First Habitation Licenses, and Ten-Year Building Insurance, etc.

So our clients only have to worry about enjoying their homes…

Building a house in Spain is very complicated because many agencies are involved. It is usually not a pleasant experience for the client because, once the process has started, there are many issues related to the materials or the price, which usually changes in the course of the project. In such cases, what should be a pleasant experience becomes hell. We certainly changed this. At ARK, one of top architecture firms in Spain, we give the client a fixed price from the moment we are contracted and we hold meetings during the whole process of property management in Costa del sol, ensuring that at the end of the journey, our client has gone through a pleasant experience.  

ARK’s clients do not come here to watch, but to enjoy. Obviously there may be issues along the way, but any client will tell you that it has been a satisfactory experience. And we know that because they say it many times, which is not easy.  

This is very important to us because each owner invests money and enthusiasm and our goal is not to disappoint them. When signing contract documents, it is very difficult to express on paper what, in the end, will be given, both in service and in quality of construction. Expectations are exceeded during the works and the relationship we build with our client. 

Professionals in property management costa del sol