The People Behind ARK's Creations

Architects Marbella & Zagaleta

Manuel J. Ruiz Moriche

Diego is an experto in luxury home architects

Diego Suárez Jurado

Santiago Ruiz Moriche

The Process of Creation as an Experience

Best Architects. Every one of our genuine creations has a long process behind it. It can take us several months to our luxury home architects to achieve our main goal: to select every material, texture and shape that will define one of our houses. After Manuel Ruiz creates the whole concept for a new home, the team of luxury home architects begins an amazing journey that starts with the preparation of the terrain and ends when the building is completed with every detail, including furniture, domotics, pools, spa and gardening.

headquarter ARK Architects Marbella Sotogrande

A Team that Makes Dreams Possible

Manuel, Santiago and Diego are proud managers of a great team of luxury homes designers. People working at ARK are great professionals with a background in their respective areas of expertise. From Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to 3D Modeling, ARK is proud to have the best specialists for every step through the construction process and luxury homes design in Marbella, Sotogrande and the entire Costa del Sol.

headquarter ARK Architects Marbella Sotogrande

Global Vision

In recent years, the firm has embarked on a process of expansion, with multiple and diverse assignments covering different scales and variable scenarios. In a world in constant change, the necessary innovation and the revision of pre-established concepts are the unavoidable mechanisms in the approach to new proposals.

luxury home architects company in Costa del sol

Jesús Vázquez

Project Manager

luxury home architects services in marbella

Manuel González

Building Engineer

An entire group of luxury home architects

Ana Aravaca

Interior Designer

luxury home design company in costa del sol

J. Ramón Bancalero

CG Artist – Architectural Visualizer

An entire group of experts in luxury home design

José Manuel Albez

CG Artist – Architectural Visualizer

luxury home design professional

Sophie Munthe


Interior Designer

Andrés López


Daniel expert in luxury homes design marbella

Daniel García

Building Engineer

Nacho specialist in luxury homes design marbella in costa del sol

Nacho Ortega

Building Engineer

Ricardo an entire professional in luxury homes design marbella

Ricardo Zafra-Polo


Guadalupe vocational in luxury homes design marbella

Guadalupe Parada


Fernando an important part of luxury home architects

Fernando Pérez

Landscape architect

Nikita a full expertise in luxury home architects

Nikita Kirillin


Antonio Ruiz Neuroscience Neuroarchitecture

Antonio Ruiz

Marketing & Customer Experience

María Isabel Andrés

Manager Assistant

A luxury home architects company thanks to their workers

Carlos Amador

Building Engineer

Francisco Román

Building Engineer

Alejandro Valdivia

Civil Engineer

Sergio R. Jiménez