5 important things when you choose an Architect in Marbella

How to design, build and choose the best architect for a luxury villa project

When you choose an architecture studio in Marbella you must pay special attention to several things: experience, projects, warranty, design, human team, the solvency of the company, sustainability, efficiency, philosophy, and knowledge of the market.

In general, various elements to make your investment profitable on the Costa del Sol.

Luxury lifestyle in Marbella

1. What is a luxury villa in Marbella?

A luxury villa in Marbella cannot be an industrial project because each person is unique. Every project can have a similar philosophy, but a luxury villa in Marbella should be a safe and profitable investment. 

Luxury is a very broad term, luxury is not only using well-known brands or expensive materials, luxury starts with design and having a team that knows perfectly how to build, what materials are the best to use in Marbella, where it is perfectly understood that the objective is not to earn money, the objective is that the people who inhabit the village have a unique life experience.

2. What is your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is unique and your goals too. The architect must 100% understand what your objective is. Your investment must be profitable for this reason, it must be an investment adapted to the final objective: living, selling, renting …

The project must adapt to how you and your family live. Paying attention to the spaces, the garden, the kitchen, the swimming pool, the garage, the basement, the guests … many elements that must be aligned.

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3. What does the luxury villa cost?

On many occasions, real estate agencies talk about the construction cost per square meter. But here is a big mistake. In the case of ARK Architects, we make custom villas that are finished ready to live, but what does that mean?

It means that the cost of a built villa must include many aspects such as licenses, insurance, earthworks, topographic studies, landscaping, plant typology, gardening, design, construction, indirect costs, indoor and outdoor pool, terraces, exterior walls, driveway, garage, ventilation systems, underfloor heating, kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, etc … for this reason, what is the construction price per square meter? …. it is very complicated.

Thanks to our experience, ARK Architects, being the only company that a client hires, has the ability to give an all-inclusive closed price that never changes after signing.

The problem is not the cost per square meter, the important thing is the cost per meter of the project that you really want to live or to invest.

ARK Architects Marbella

4. Is it important for an architect to win awards?

All awards are an important recognition and there are many prestigious ones, of course, one of the most prestigious is the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

But for a client who wants to design, build, or buy their luxury villa in Marbella, it is important to know that there are many architectural awards that can be purchased. In other words, there is a whole business of “architecture awards” that are not recognized among architects but that can be bought as a marketing strategy.

Honestly, the built work is the best reference when choosing an architect and builder, it is the reference to be sure that you know how a luxury villa works and how the pieces of that immense puzzle are put together.

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5. The most important one: honesty, clarity, experience, knowledge and solvency

It is very common to meet clients who have had bad experiences in the past with architects and builders, where the project that was going to be a dream has turned into a nightmare.

Choosing a company, specifically an architecture studio-like ARK Architects, for a luxury villa, must be an act of trust between two parties. It´s a relationship of years that must be based on mutual respect, on understanding each other’s role and for this, it is essential to feel comfortable. In our way of understanding a project, an architect does not provide the service and disappears are years of relationship where you always have to give the best customer service.

It is very similar to marriage since both parties must respect, understand, and value each other, to achieve the final objective that unites them, to achieve a unique luxury villa in Marbella.

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