International Architecture and Design Studio  by Manuel Ruiz Moriche 

ARK Architects and its luxury architecture goes beyond the physical dimension in the construction of a building. We create settings, spaces and experiences where you can feel the sensation of living at home.

To turn an idea into reality, we hace all the necessary equipment for the creation of a life experience we call CONCEPTO 360 

Every element built comes from an idea, the essence of a creative element. However well built something is, if the idea is not good, we will never get something that stimulates us. From the moment we are commissioned -a land and a client who has the dream of building a villa, for this luxury architecture we try to combine two things that are essential: function and emotion. If the object that we design does not work well for the person or family that wants to inhabit that villa, then we did not achieve anything, we did not create architecture.

Another essential factor is the adaptation to the place. The architecture is not moveable. The place that we choose holds in its DNA the key to the project because of its geography, its topography, its orientation or the environment. The luxury architecture has to look like it was born there. These are two key determinants when you design a building. In principle everything is right but there is an solution that is better than all the others, and it is the one that adapts to the place and the use of its inhabitants.  

Few people have the opportunity to have a house made for them and I am convinced, because I have experienced it, that a good architecture makes you much happier. 

Our philosophy, to achive the highest degree of well-being. Our goal: to create a unique home.

In ARK Architects we go beyond the physical dimension of construction a building. We create atmospheres, spaces and experiences in order to feel the sesne of living at home.


CONVERSATIONS with Manuel Ruiz Moriche

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