Over 10 million euros homes make history in the luxury market

Premium real-state market is undergoing a revolution in locations such as Marbella, Sotogrande or La Zagaleta, in the South of Spain

Spanish landscape, location, lifestyle and nature features attracts every year more millionaires. According to latest world wealth reports (2019), Spain ranks 10th place with respect to millionaires, including international people who has chosen to live -or to have secondary homes- in the Southern European country. Locations more often selected are Marbella (Andalusia), Sotogrande (Campo de Gibraltar), or private developments such as La Zagaleta, with no doubt the most exclusive urbanization in Europe, situated in Malaga. These millionaires are an appealing type of public for the area that generates a spectacular economic growth. Those customers demand exclusivity, creativity, calm and relax in their homes.

Sotogrande view polo area in Spain

Spain ranks 10th place with respect to millionaires who has chosen to live, or to have secondary homes in its territory

This profile of “super-rich“, contrary to popular belief, is characterized by discreet behavior,as they usually do not seek to attract attention or ostentation, but they do demand unique and really valuable products. Looking for a differentiated lifestyle, besides they use to consider houses as a financial increasing-valuable asset for the future. This profile of customers often searches for calm, and appreciates sustainable actions and constructions in the products they buy. They like to consider their homes as pieces of art in large spaces, filled with natural light, and built with pure materials: an ideal environment to experience the concept of family home and in a place able to evoke unique emotions.

For this reason, premium real-estate market in areas such as the Costa del Sol has become a special niche market to generate unique wealth in the sector and contributes to economic growth of the corporate structure.

As this profile of people and families choose more and more the South of Spain to live, or at least to acquire a second home, companies seek to provide increasingly personalized and exclusive services. Being selected by these millionaires is not an easy goal, since they are looking for a unique difference under certain quality and innovation standards -and this can be offered for a few firms.

Villa IBIZA Zagaleta Architects

An example is the architectural studio ARK Architects, often picked by these super-rich men in areas such as the development of Sotogrande and the known as the most luxurious neighborhood in Spain, La Zagaleta. ARK Architects is an international architecture studio that, in the last ten years, has undoubtedly marked a before and after in design and construction of this kind of villas. They offer a complete customized service integrating design, light, place, or nature. For them, the designing and building process

of a residential villa becomes a unique experience from the very beginning. ARK Architects is always up-to-date in the digitalization of processes, virtual reality, or neuroscientific analysis, conceived to achieve an emotional balance in each space.

Villa Sotogrande Architects

Sustainability is also a key value for the company, seeking constantly the greatest respect for the environment, not only during the choice of materials and in the way of integrating the architectural work with the natural elements, but also in each of the different stages of construction and design of the luxury villa. The residences are equipped with the maximum energy efficiency, and all hold Passivhaus standards (ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling). ARK Architects’ philosophy is clear: projects must be alive for human beings and respect the environment, because luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Creating adaptable architecture and using specific materials which align with the owners’ lifestyle in a villa with over 2,000 square meters floor area is challenging -but not impossible.

The Spanish architecture studio is highly specialized in this type of public, those who want to acquire an ideal and adapted urban development project, whose value exceeds 10 million euros, aligned with their lifestyle.

“ARK Architects lives the experience of creating our projects as if they were complex artworks with the ability to turn the space into a unique experience in the world”,

Manuel Ruiz Moriche ARK Architects

In this sector it is particularly important to offer the ease and transparency that customers are looking for, in contraposition to a reputation for complexity that, in recent years, the real state sector has acquired in some areas of the country.

As a counterpoint to this reality, ARK Architects offers a unique concept that cannot be found in any other company. Far from being a standard architectural studio, it integrates everything necessary to create a “tailor-made” villa.

Design, construction, building licensing, interior design, landscaping, and much more in just a single company: those characteristics have led ARK to become an international reference in the luxury real-estate market. Based in Marbella, their international projects are exporting Brand Spain way beyond the borders.

“Our architecture does not seek to win any awards, but to adapt to the people living there,”they say.

ARK’s designs are modern, contemporary, elegant and distinctive. They create places that maintain the DNA, considered as the key that allow an architectural project to awaken our emotions. This is why it is often said that there is no other architectural firm like ARK.

Villa Sotogrande Architects

They have created clearly famous luxury residences such as Villa Tucana, located in the Reserva Club of Sotogrande, with an area of over 2,000 square meters: a luminous villa that achieves total integration with the natural environment. Villa Mozart, a modern luxury house in Marbella, with privileged views and just a few minutes from Puerto Banús, characterized by its striking architecture and surprising forms. Not to forget Heaven: a real icon in La Zagaleta, which achieves a mix of effects and views between the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar and the coast of Africa, and makes feel complete exclusivity from any point of the house, even from its spa located in the basement, or Villa Camoján, a modern 3,000 square meters house that has become an exponent of luxury housing in all Marbella.

Marbella Architects

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